How does it feel when you run into celebrities and get hired by them?

Ran into David Ben-David

David Ben-David
David Ben-David

On this Tuesday, April 4th, I had an amazing meeting with the founder and designer of Sprayground – David Ben-David. Sprayground is a stylish and revolutionary backpack company, and it was founded in 2010. All the backpacks are designed by the founder, David Ben-David. The professor of  my C-Suite class just invited me to visit the headquarters of the Sprayground, but I did not know that I may have a chance to see the founder of this company. I think it was impossible. On Tuesday noon time, I did some research about the company. I looked at the company’s official website and watched some videos about the founder, David Ben David. I talked to myself, he is so handsome!!! I suddenly became his crazy fan. Then two hours later, I touched the real person… I did not recognize him until he introduce himself because he wore a hoodie on that day. When he introduced himself to me and shook my hands, I suddenly ran crazy!!! He is even more handsome in the real life!!! I screamed…

Then told us how Sprayground functions. Sprayground utilizes SEO a lot, and they do not do much SEM. Social media platforms are their main marketing platforms. They post cool guys and sexy girls with their backpacks on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. They thus received a lot of fans and online traffic. One interesting fact is that a lot of celebrities just reached out to them and said they can help Sprayground market its product for free. Here is a photo of Jeremy Lin with Sprayground’s backpack.

Jeremy Lin with Sprayground Backpack
Jeremy Lin with Sprayground Backpack


Sprayground Backpack
Sprayground Backpack

Sprayground believes that people need transportation, and the backpack is like a trunk for the body. They ask, why not travel in style? Sprayground has tried to establish its name as an iconic bag brand that had seen tremendous growth, worn by the most influential celebrities and tastemakers,  featured on international media outlets, sold in some of the world’s best boutiques and now sold in over 35 countries within 3 years.

Picture with David Ben-David

Here is the picture we took with David Ben-David, and they even posted this on their Facebook and tagged us… We were extremely flattered and excited…..

Picture with David Ben-David
Picture with David Ben-David

I also did the first elevator speech in my life on Tuesday. Then I left my resume. On Wednesday night, I received their message for scheduling an interview appointment with me. I suddenly ran crazy!!! Then I did the interview this afternoon. They told me I can be hired after they handle all the paper work. I think I am kind of insane now. I just cannot believe that this is real……..

Working for my idol is always my dream. Besides, I really love the working environment at Sprayground. It is so flexible and innovative. The power distance is so low in that company. I, myself, am also an art person, so I really enjoy to work with such an amazing artist. I think I will definitely devote myself to this job and try my best to contribute my vigor, passion, and innovation to Sprayground.

In the end, I want to say, New York City is amazing and incredible!!! Sometimes the unpredictable can become the most amazing thing in your life!! Believe yourself and never give up!!


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