Did you ever know the early life of Bill Gates?

Amazing Achievements

Bill Gates

I guess everybody knows Bill Gates, the world’s richest man. He started programming when he was 13. He then established Microsoft corporation when he was 20. He became the world’s richest man when he was 31. He retains the top spot on The Forbes 400 for the 24th consecutive year, with a net worth of $87 billion in 2017. Bill is also renowned for his philanthropic efforts. In 2000, he and his wife Melinda Gates set up Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which focuses on global health, development, education improvement. They donated over $30 billion to this foundation. They also persuaded their friend, Warren Buffet to donate $31 billion to the Foundation in 2006.

He received tremendous honors in the past. Business week honored him “the most generous philanthropist in America.” Forbes ranked him as “the world’s fifth most powerful person.” Times Magazine named him “100 most influential people of 20 century.”

Early Life Synopsis

Bill was Born in a rich family, in Seattle, in 1955. His father was a famous lawyer, and his mother was a teacher. Bill wanted to be as successful as his father, so when his classmates were playing the football, he started reading the encyclopedia. Although his parents believe the quality of the public school, they still sent him to the Lakeside School, which is a famous private school. Little Bill was good at all his subjects, he excelled in math and science, also doing well in English and drama.

During that time, computer was super large and expensive. Bill and his classmates were lucky enough to get in touch with computer when a computer company in Seattle provided computer time for Lakeside School. Bill suddenly fell in love with it. In Lakeside, he met Paul Allen, his senior classmate. They quickly became friends because they both fell in love with computers. Gates developed a payroll program for the computer company and a scheduling program for the school. In 1970, 15-year-old Gates and Paul developed a computer program which can monitor the traffic in Seattle, bringing them $20,000. Gates and Allen wished to start their business after graduation. However, Gates’s parents wanted him to go to college, hoping that he would become a lawyer. Gates graduated from Lakeside in 1973. Then he scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT test. He later got admitted to Harvard University with major in law.

After admission to Harvard, Bill found himself still in love with computer. He thought law was super boring. He was extremely upset in Harvard. Then one turning point happened. One day, Allen showed him the front cover of Popular Electronics, which was about the first micro-computer among the world, Altair 8800. Bill suddenly realized the era of personal computer was coming. Then he decided to drop out of Harvard to devote himself fully to programming with Allen, at the age of 20.

Gates and Allen contacted the company which made Altair, persuading that “they were working on a BASIC software program” that could run Altair. In fact, they didn’t have the code to run it or an Altair to operate, but they wanted to know whether that company wanted someone to develop such a software. The boss of that company said yes and ask them for demonstration.

Gates and Allen then spent the two months writing the code day and night. In the end, they wrote the code. Allen did a test run in that company, and it worked perfectly. Interesting fact was that they had never tried it on an Altair before. Gates soon left Boston to work with Allen. In 1975, they established a company called “Micro-Soft”, a mix of “micro-computer” and “software.”


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